Windows Phone 7 Ads Not Enough

The Start screen of Windows Phone 7

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There were reports speculating how much dollars Microsoft had spend on marketing WP7, but from what I see the general ads, especially TV commercials and local print ads are not quite enough. Since its launch in last November, I have seen only twice of WP7 commercial on TV, that was three months ago. Yes, the “Really?” commercial focusing on one single aspect of the new system. Everyone agree that WP7 has a lot to offer than the ads say. Maybe it is just leaving tricks for the later, but consumers want to know the whole picture of the phone to make a decision, not just one feature to tease their curiosity. Fans seem to agree to that.

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Is Microsoft-Intel Alliance Weakening?

In light of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show, Jan, 2011) announcement, that Microsoft is working to port next version of Windows (8) to ARM system, many pondered the question: Is the Wintel alliance has started going down path?

My short answer is NO, which is a decisive and conclusive one. But to make it an article I am supposed to say more, so the med-sized answer is YES and NO. Here goes the long one.

In a large picture, yes, it is a trending theme that tech firms now are broadening their choices. Start from PC makers to phone makers, they keep their choices open, and carefully manage partnership. This is the case with HP, Dell, HTC, Samsung…, everyone for that matter. Windows has always been running on not just Intel chips, AMD has been there from the beginning. Indeed, Windows CE has been running on ARM chips since PocketPCs, though this time is the full blown Windows. Actually, Intel chip never got exclusive status on Windows. However, putting Windows on ARM chips doesn’t really mean selling it. The same goes with Linux on netbooks. People don’t buy Linux netbooks just because PC makers are making it, not just because retailers put it in stores. AMD chips are equally available to consumers as are Intel chips, that didn’t change Intel chips status in the market.

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What Windows Phone 7 Needs To Do Now

It’s been a quarter since Windows Phone 7’s general world wide availability. Shipping 1.5 million in the first two months is certainly not bad. What to do from now? I mean what to do to extend the current launch status to a large scale of adoption? There are a few things already in line:

1. First update will add some features, fix some bugs. This one is believed to start in a few short weeks. As most expected, this update will be minor. I suspect this update will be too minor since from technical point of view, there had been a lot time permitting some major changes in the OS, but lets see.

2. CDMA support and availability in Verizon and Sprint. The schedule is first half of the year. It sounds too far away. We just hope this happens sooner than later.

3. Fall update (project “Mango”) is said to be in the fall. This is a major update and what a lot of people are looking for. But again, just a little too far.

We haven’t heard anything in the phone makers front. There should be some news about that in next month’s WMC in Spain.

Read Ed Bott’s article about WP7 this morning, I would like to pick some of his points and add a bit of mine.

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Ovum Predicts Windows Phone 7 Fastest Growing 2011

Selling 1.5 million in first two months, even considering this is amount sold to carriers, WP7 is doing better or on par with iPhone or Android on the same stage. An obviously successfully launch has been painted by the US media sounding like a failure.

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Windows Phone 7 Off a Strong Start

Just a little more than two months in, how is Windows Phone 7 doing now?

Depending on who you ask, you get very different answers.

If you ask Walt Mossberg of WSJ, the answer is definitely: bad! Or if you ask the guys in, or mobile_lint in the UK, or the Chitika, the answer is terrible.

If you ask a regular public who knows about Windows Phone 7, the answer is not so good. The media on/off the Internet keep pouring you with bad news about WP7 here and there, there is no way you can know any truth.

The truth, as much as we know, officially is two months in sale, WP7 shipped 1.5 million devices.  The rest are guesses, made up stories, and for Chitika’s case, some misleading data.

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What LG Said About Windows Phone 7

Pocket-lint published an interview with marketing strategy and planning team director of LG Electronics James Choi. Reading what Choi said and what the post have interpreted what he said, I feel like they are totally different things.

To quote what the Mr. Choi said,

“From an industry perspective we had a high expectation, but from a consumer point of view the visibility is less than we expected”

However, throughout the post, Pocket-lint gave the message (as they always do): Windows Phone 7 is not selling well.

Notice Mr. Choi is complaining about LG WP7 phones launch visibility. Certainly, as we know, that LG phones are not given the same level of spotlights as HTC or Samsung get. We understand that. But LG only made available one WP7 devices. The device itself is less spectacular than the HTC HD7, the Samsung Focus and the Dell Venue Pro.

As we have seen in the past, LG device is among less popular in all the WP7 phone. That doesn’t add new information for anyone.

When will Pocket-lint stop spreading negative news for Windows Phones?

Windows Phone 7 and Bing will be Featured on Golden Globe

The Start screen of Windows Phone 7

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Yes, Windows Phone 7 and Bing will have their time in this Golden Globe this Sunday.

The Hollywood Reporters break the new that Microsoft will run its ads during award ceremony commercial break. Featured products are Bing and Windows Phone 7.  What is interesting is that the ads actually connect to the award contextually.  It will have a handful undiscovered actors telling their stories. Tagline is: Be What’s Next.

This live event will have millions of viewers on TV. The ads will be Microsoft’s first major ads effort after Windows Phone 7 launch. Introducing people to the new mobile OS is important as Microsoft CEO said at the CES last week: Job number one now is to show people Windows Phone 7. Once they try it they love it.

Just like any mobile platforms at the early stage, there is no instant success. It takes time for people notice it, then some will try it out. If the product is really good, people will tell their friends. Windows Phone 7 is obviously the most refreshing and dynamic smartphone system on the market. It’s only a matter of time before people start talking about.

eWallet GO! Available for Windows Phone 7


eWallet GO! is a new WP7 application developed by  Ilium Software. It can be used to store sensative information on the go securely. eWallet GO! uses  256-bit AES encryption which should be enough to secure your information. Being stored online, your data is also accessible from anywhere there is a connection.


  • Make Your Info Mobile: Store passwords, credit cards, account access ids, logins, and more!
  • Get Started Fast: 30 ready-to-use templates make it easy to enter your important information.
  • Never Lose Your Data: Backup and restore your wallet using Google Docs or Dropbox.
  • Protect Your Information: Strong encryption means no one can access your wallet besides you.
  • Get Organized: Use categories to organize your information so you can easily find the info you need
  • This WP7 application costs $4.99 from WP7 Marketplace. Checkout details from wp7applist.

    Windows Phone 7 New Flash – Jan. 13, 2011

    HTC HD7 to Bring Windows Phone 7 to Bell Canada

    HD7 will be on Bell Canada as early as Feb. 10. Bell currently have only one Windows Phone 7 device, the LG Optimus Quantum.

    HTC HD2 gets its very own Windows Phone 7 ROM

    Engadget reporting WP7 OS is ported to HD2. Missing features: Windows Live Service not working.

    HTC HD2 WP7 hack–now with working Marketplace, Live services

    From WPPowerUser, WP7 ported to HD2, Live service and Marketplace working. That was fast!

    Why Windows 8 is the Riskiest Product?

    In response to question: What’s the company’s riskiest bet? at Gartner Symposium last October, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s answer is: “The next release of Windows.” Windows is no doubt the most critical product for Microsoft’s bottom line, if Ballmer say Windows 8 is the company’s riskiest product coming out, the message carries a lot of weight. Neither Ballmer nor any others from Microsoft have given any explanations about this comment, all of us can only guess what it means. Well, the picture wasn’t clear until this year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2011).

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